This Shoreline Tool is meant to show the relative location of the shoreline in the Augusta pool for the various fish-passage alternatives at New Savannah Bluff Lock & Dam. The shorelines presented here are not definitive, but should be compared to one another to show the relative changes from one alternative to the next.
This tool assumes normal flow conditions of 5,000cfs and uses the best available survey and modeling data to provide approximate shoreline locations.

Things to keep in mind while using this tool:
- The aerial imagery is at a 3/4 overhead angle, which may skew any mapping/lines placed on it.
- The pool level in the aerial imagery does not necessarily match "normal flow", so the existing conditions line may not track the imagery exactly.
- It is difficult to get good water-depth survey data in shallow areas.
- Relative changes between alternatives are more accurate than the absolute location of a line compared to aerial imagery.