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Hartwell 660.09 ft-msl, 21 Feb 08:00:00
Hartwell Storage currently 2554685 AC-FT
Hartwell Guide Curve = 658.29 2455667 AC-FT
Hartwell is 1.80 feet above Guide Curve.
Hartwell is 0.09 feet above Summer Full Pool.(660 ft-msl)
74.4% Flood Control Storage Remaining,    288,015 AC-FT
Russell 474.95 ft-msl, 21 Feb 08:00:00
Russell Storage currently 1024913 AC-FT
Russell Guide Curve = 475.00 1026244 AC-FT
Russell is 0.05 feet down from full pool.(475 ft-msl)
99.0% Conservation Storage Remaining,    141,253 AC-FT

Thurmond 327.74 ft-msl, 21 Feb 08:00:00
Thurmond Storage currently 2351800 AC-FT
Thurmond Guide Curve = 328.29 2390508.05556 AC-FT
Thurmond is 0.55 feet down from Guide Curve.
Thurmond is 2.26 feet above Summer Full Pool.(330 ft-msl)
95.8% Conservation Storage Remaining,   548,200 AC-FT

Current System Storage,    5,931,398 AC-FT
Total System Flood Storage Available,    1,036,447 AC-FT
Flood Storage Utilized ,    99,018 AC-FT,    9.6%
Flood Storage Remaining ,    937,429 AC-FT,    90.4%
System Conservation Storage available(GC - Inactive),    2,373,939 AC-FT
Current System Conservation Storage,    2,373,939 AC-FT   100%
Total System Inactive Storage,    3,498,480 AC-FT,   100%
Thursday Feb 21, 2019

Savannah River System
Pool Schematic

It is our objective to balance the Hartwell and Thurmond pools in a foot per foot manner for the top 15 feet. Once the pools have declined below this point, they balance based on percent of depth remaining in their respective conservation pools. If pools decline below Level 1, flow reductions are made from the system in accordance to the Savannah River Basin Drought Plan. These drought releases correspond to the minimum flows needed to support downstream water quality and water supply.